The power

Puppet Theatre Ljubljana, 2019

A glimpse into the theme of power, where shadows cast their secrets upon the soul.
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A small dark room with silicone puppets, glass marionettes, and a chandelier that has a life of its own.
Jiri Zaman and Martina Maurič Lazar, creative master duo.
Marionette, manipulated by Jiri Zaman from a distance, had strings passing through the chandelier above Martina.
The marionette was  crafted using heated glass and cast in clear resins
The second stage of the glass marionette.
Various stages in the life of the glass marionette's deconstruction.
One of the elastic silicon puppets hanging from the chandelier.
Within the chandelier's decoration, the head of a queen was concealed inside a clear sphere filled with water. When unveiled, the head could open its eyes and smile, manipulated by strings controlled by Jiri Zaman. The entire chandelier could be lowered from the ceiling.
A cast head of a marionette.
Glass rods were shaped by a torch, while other components of the marionette were sculpted, molded, and cast in clear resin. Some decorative elements for the chandelier were crafted using homemade pressure forming techniques
Sculpting the head of Queen (Martina Maurič) to be concealed within the chandelier
Martina Murič and one of the marionettes.
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