Puppet Theatre Ljubljana, 2011

Inside the hed of a teenager Laila
The show was based on a character, Laila, created by Czech animator Michaela Pavlatova. At the beginning of the show, a video of an eye slowly falling asleep was projected onto mesh textile in front of the stage.
On the theater stage, a small tilted wooden stage was constructed with a false perspective, with a front opening in the shape of an eye.
Director and main actress of a show, Martina Maurič.
In the show, projection mapping using spherical mirrors was employed, allowing video projections and lighting to cover the entire stage.
The projector also served as the sole light source, aside from a small light fixed to a construction that the character Laila carried on her body.
Polonca Kores playing the violin through one of many stage openings and doors.
An eye within an eye. The front opening of the stage could close like an eyelid.
Martina Maurič looking through the iris of a large eye. The iris could be removed to enable rear video projection through the lens of the large eye.
The eye was crafted from clear vacuum-formed acrylic, which was filled with water to create a lens.
Arrangement for live shooting for projection mapping.
Hand puppet of an ostrich and Martina Maurič.
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