Puppet Theatre Maribor, 2007

Puppet dreams of becoming a boy
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A peace of wood  becoming alive.
Only Pinocchio's character was created as a fully three-dimensional puppet, with three different dimensions of marionette and one large head. All other main characters were flat relief puppets, each having two versions: a smaller one with the whole body and a larger one as a standalone face only. All  puppets featured facial expression
Pinocchio and Maks Dajčman as Mangiafuoco in a theater show scene.
Fairy spirit watches over Pinocchio.
The Fairy's spirit, represented by a large eye, was crafted from clear thermoformed acrylic filled with water to create a lens. Inside this water, Pinocchio also swam before being swallowed by the Dogfish.
Andrej Murenc and other characters.
The large face of a Cricket. The bird flying with Pinocchio to the seashore. Finally, Pinocchio becomes a real boy.
The smallest Pinocchio marionette, brought to life by Metka Jurc
All Pinocchio marionettes featured varying degrees of facial expressions. Their eyes were crafted with liquid lenses and hanging pupils, which moved when the marionette's head was tilted.
The large face of Pinocchio displayed extensive facial expressions and a nose that could grow substantially. Pupils of the eyes were created with strong magnets and placed inside fabricated liquid lenses serving as the puppet's eyes. These magnetic pupils could move freely within the lenses, controlled by a mechanism behind the eyes
Cat character with full body.
Fox character with full body.
Sculpted head of Pinocchio and casting the face of the Cat.
Davorin Kramberger as Geppetto and small marionette of Pinocchio.
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