Mini Theatre, 2014

The silent dialogue of two after death.
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A haunting dance of two skeletons performed in near-complete darkness
Revenir is a continuation of the story of two lovers in their present life, as portrayed in the play 'Clôture de l'amour' written by Pascal Robert, premiered at the Avignon Festival in 2011. Revenir, also written and directed by Pascal Robert, explores the lovers story after their death.
Actors and puppeteers Anja Novak and Žan Perko.
Fully articulated skeletons were connected by rods to the actor's body and head, replicating their movements.
Anja Novak and Žan Perko in rehearsal.
The performers Anja Novak and Žan Perko were selected for roles in the play during an audition that took place as part of the workshops of the international European project Experimental Theatre Academy.
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