flesh or revelation

Puppet Theatre Maribor, 2010

With one leg in this world, with other beyond it
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A brief excerpt from archived live footage captures a theater performance featuring two marionette puppets inside a clear container filled with water, brought to life by puppeteers / actors Elena Volpi, Zvezdana Novakovič, Aja Kobe, and Andrej Vršič.
An atmospheric theater scene featuring a variety of creatures and puppets.
Marionette heads submerged in water, stuffed animals, animal skulls..
The main actor and narrator of the show was Anže Zevnik.
Various animal skulls featured artificial silicone tongues and the capability to move their heads and jaws.
Two large marionette heads were crafted using a variety of silicones and silicone gels, placed inside clear buckets filled with water.
Puppets were animated by four puppeteers who manipulated controlling rods connected to over 100 strings, all of which were attached to mechanisms inside the puppet's head. One puppeteer controlled the mouth and fully articulated tail, while another managed the movement of the eyes and eyelids, and blew bubbles of air through the puppets' noses via small transparent tubes inside the puppet heads.
Puppeteers controlled the puppets from behind, monitoring the live-streamed video of the puppets on a screen.
Front view of head armature with silicone skin.
Modeling the head in homemade plasticine.
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Crafting a fiberglass mold and casting silicone.
Painting the raw silicone casting.
The puppet's mechanism, to which strings were attached, controlled the movement of silicone and the eyes.e eyes.e eyes. In the last picture, there are rods for pulling strings to control the puppet's facial expressions and a monitor for live preview.
Working in Maribor's puppet theatre workshop.
Crafting replicas of the original marionettes for the Ljubljana Museum of Puppetry and the Maribor Puppetry Museum.
At the Maribor Puppetry Museum, there are replicas in the form of animatronic puppets with subtle automatic movements of the faces and tails.
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