The postman's tale

Puppet Theatre Ljubljana, 2006

Letter posted without address...
Postman Kolbaba (Martina Maurič) with a group of  elves residing in the post office. They sneak out at night to use the letters as playing cards for a few card games
Martina animating all elves  simultaneusly by movement parts of her body to which elves were attached; two to her hans, one to knee, and one to her foot.
Martina as Postman Kolbaba animating characters of Marenka and Frantisek at the same time.
Marenka and Frantisek were self-standing silicone puppets with springs in their joints, allowing for organic, dance-like movements. The pupils of their lens-eyes moved as their heads tilted, and their mouths exhibited a full range of expressions, all manipulated by Martina's hand.
Kolbaba showing Marenka a love letter from Frantisek.
Finally, Marenka and Frantisek are united by Kolbaba.
Some characters encountered by Kolbaba during his journey to find Frantisek.
Master puppeteer Martina Maurič bringing a glove puppet elf to life..
...and foot, left hand, and knee elves, all animated simultaneously.
Marenka and Kolbaba (Martina Maurič).
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