Puppet Theatre Maribor, Cankarjev dom, 2022

Plastics everywhere...
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An ecological musical fantasy set in a future world where creatures (Plastonians) evolved from plastic waste.
Object puppets made from plastic waste. Main characters had substantial facial expressions. Video from an animation rehearsal


Cankarjev Dom, 2007

King clings to power
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A sound theater for children featuring musical instruments as scenic elements, props, and puppets.
Performers Miha Arh, Gregor Cvetko, and Peter Kus playing and animating various characters that are both puppets and instruments simultaneously.
The king was gradually assembled from different instruments throughout the show.


Puppet Theatre Maribor, Werk89 Vienna,2020

Searching the right sound within ourselves
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A blend of object theatre and a musical concert performed on authentic instruments crafted from various ready-made objects, forming a variety of characters and puppets.
Elena Volpi, Urška Cvetko, Miha Bezeljak, and Michael Pollman play on and animate various characters and instruments.
Animation test footage from rehearsals.
Constructing an armature for the character of a cloud
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