Celje City Theatre, 2021

Human foolishness has not changed to this day.
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Musical theatre show for children, adaptation of satirical humorous tale by Josip Jurčič (1844-1881), a Slovenian writer and storyteller.
Various characters with large goat masks featuring half-opened mouths, allowing actors and singers to see and sing through.
Barbara Medvešček and Urban Kuntarič with goat mask
The masks were crafted from lightweight fiberglass armature, covered with trimmed and painted textiles. The horns were made from polyurethane foam, coated with a thin epoxy resin. The eyes featured a clear outer shell filled with clear silicone and painted irises.
Puppet made of wood, with silicone head with face expressons, manipulated by two actresess.
Tanja Potočnik, Urban Kuntarič, Žan Brelih Hatunić, Barbara Medvešček, David Čeh, and Filip Mramor wearing goat masks, and Žan Brelih Hatunić.
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