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Mask of the rabbit, Fragile Childhood - Monsters, 2012
Creating and molding the mask. The final version was crafted from polyester and textile with custom-made lens eyes.
Theatre masks made from polyester, THREE SISTERS, Ljubljana City Theatre, 2008
Bunraku puppets, Fisherman Taro, Puppet Theatre Maribor, 2012
Masks for Fisherman Taro, Puppet Theatre Maribor, 2012
Mask for a children's dance performance, LUCKA AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PRESENT, at Koper Theatre, 2004
Latex masks for the performance 'ATRACTION POLIFEMO' at Cankarjev Dom, 2006
Hand and full-body puppets made of foam latex for the children's theatre show 'THE WITCHES' at Celje People's Theatre, 2008.
Small, medium, and large foam latex puppets of Audrey II, the flower, for the musical 'LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS' at Theatre Koper, 2004.
Foam latex mask for the theatre show 'LULUBAJ' at The Mladinsko Theatre, 2004.
Alien masks crafted from foam latex for the TV sitcom 'OUR LITTLE CLINIC,' 2006."
"Puppets for a French commercial, crafted from soft polyurethane foam coated with silicone skin, AL DENTE, Lustucru, 2014.
Articulated corpse, created as the lifelike double of a young girl who performed in the show. The corpse was made from silicone and various gel resins for the theatre production 'FRANKENSTEIN' at Ljubljana City Theatre, 2012.
Prop of a horse, crafted from polyester, for the children's show 'SPANISH PRINCESS', Theatre Koper, 2005.
Large polyester mask for the theatre production 'THREE SISTERS', Ljubljana City Theatre, 2008.
Meditating ghost, a polyester and textile puppet inside a clear bucket of water, created for a site-specific music and puppet festival in Slovenia.
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