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Enci benci, Katalena  band concert in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, 2019
Flowers and props were fabricated from a variety of old vinyl bags, fused together in layers by heat.
Vinyl masters, the ladies Taeko Yoshida and Ivana Matuzovic, in action.
Props for 'PSYCHOPATTYA SEXUALIS' at The Grand Union Cafe, 2009.
Many golden polyester tits for a concert performance scene.
Chandelier for a symphonic orchestra in Cankarjev dom, 2010.
Stylized large fiberglass foot with sandal for the movie GOING OUR WAY, 2010.
500 different artificial hyperrealistic pieces of bread. Made of painted soft polyurethane foam. THE MISHMASH BAKERY, The Mladinsko Theatre, 2007
Wooden hat and trousers inside of which actor Boris Kerč sat in the theater show 'BLOW UP,' Ljubljana City Theatre, 2003.
Realistic replica of a deceased seagull for THE SEAGULL, Slovenian National Theatre, 2003
Theater props crafted from resin for a  theater production.
50 artificial, realistic, chopped and decayed silicone hands created for the production of 'BEHANDING IN SPOKANE' at Celje People's Theatre.
Two silicone props for visually impaired children.
Figurine props for the TV movie 'VLADIMIR', 2002
Articulated eye with a flexible dilating iris and rear video projection, test project.
Large eye with a clear outer shell and flexible dilating silicone iris.
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