Maribor Puppet Theatre, 2011

Searching of winter that disappered
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Kurent, a traditional Slovenian carnival character, embarks on a quest to rescue winter, which has disappeared. Along the way, he encounters various characters who guide him to Africa, where winter is held captive.
A variety of characters, including standalone and full-body puppets, designed for hands-on animation of mouths by puppeteers and eye movement by tilting the puppets' heads.
Characters of two ice cream vendors as full body puppets, animated by Danilo Trstenjak and Anže Zevnik.
The puppets were primarily constructed from polyurethane foam, coated with foamed latex, and painted. The puppet forms were crafted by Neva Vrba.


Theatre Koper, 2004

Rainbow Fish, learning that true happiness comes from sharing and being a friend to others, even if it means giving away her unique scales.
All underwater sea creatures were suspended from elastic ropes that could be moved across the stage on wires securely fixed across the stage.
Puppets were crafted from a variety of materials, with most fishes made from polyester shell and others from polyurethane foam, latex, or textile.
Polyester fishes with some found attachments.

Poro the crocodile

Puppet theatre Maribor, 2003

Quest of becoming adult
Young crocodile Poro faces an important test: in order to be accepted into the group of crocodile adults as an equal member, he must, just like his father and his father's father before him, venture into the forest and bring back a turtle shell, a snake's ear, a lion's heart, and a spider's song...
Puppet was hang from silin counterweight
Puppet was hang from silin counterweight
Puppet was hang from silin counterweight
A diverse array of creatures were crafted from various materials, predominantly cast soft polyurethane foam and painted latex. Some puppets featured textile coverings over hard armatures, while others were shadow puppets. All were designed with movable legs, arms, mouths, and eyes, each with varying degrees of articulation.
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