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'STILL LIFE, Glej, the Theatre, 2004
Large scenic frame made from fiberglass. Decorated with 500 faces.
Vladimir Vlaškalič, Boris Mihalj and Branko Jordan.
THE MARRIAGE, The Mladinsko Theatre, 2004
Soft artificial hyper-realistic mud ground for the theatre stage.
The mud ground was crafted from soft polyurethane foam on a fabric base that can be rolled up.
Large scenic element crafted from fiberglass for the theatre show THE LION IN WINTER, Celje Peopleʼs Theatre, 2001
Designed with over 50 animals and 12 stylized human faces intricately woven into the relief mural.
The mural is permanently exhibited in front of the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia at the autonomous cultural center Metelkova mesto.
THE IMAGINARY INVALID, The Maribor Slovene National Theatre,2004
Disproportional Baroque-inspired sofa fabricated from sculpted elements, finally crafted in polyester.
Scenic elements of colored bark chippings from MEDEA, Celje People's Theatre, 2005.
Painted scenery flat, DON JUAN OR THE FEAST OF STONE,  Celje Peopleʼs Theatre, 1999.
Model of a prostate, 2010
The outer shell was crafted from painted fiberglass, the interior, depicting a cross-section of the prostate, was crafted from soft polyurethane foam. The prostate model was a collaborative creation with Žiga Lebar.
Angel figurine inside a clear sphere filled with liquid.
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