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'Gollums', creatures at the Cultural Center Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Creatures are fabricated from painted fiberglass polyester resins with custom clear resin eyes.
Full view of the 'Gollums.' Some of them can be opened like doors, allowing for the transportation of heavy things into the studio behind them via a large pulley construction.
Gollums' modeled in clay, ready for molding.
'Lumpi' mascots created for Mercator.
Originally modeled in clay, and then crafted from fiberglass polyester resin.
A lifecasting plaster copy of my own face with an open mouth.
Custom-made injection construction enabling lifecasting my own face with facial expressions and an open mouth.
Some raw, unretouched plaster lifecasts of my own face.
Lifecasting and modeling for fabricating foam latex mask for the character Gustl, portrayed by Damir Leventic in the Slovenian TV series 'TRAFIKA' (2003).
Lifecasting Radko Polič's face and torso and modeling the casts for fabricating a foam latex flexible body front cover for the theatre show 'THE LION IN WINTER' at Celje Peopleʼs Theatre in 2001.
Lifecasting for the 'GAME OF WAR' trailer by Machine Zone Inc. in 2014, along with other lifecasting projects.
The Mouse sculpture at the Metelkova mesto cultural center.
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